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The six hidden requirements for chat bot success

Tweet For large B2C businesses, reducing costs through increasing the share of service interactions handled without human intervention is a top priority.  Research suggests that customers are on board with this – Forrester finding the share of customers self-serving via web increased from 67% to 74% in 2014, with the percent using virtual agents increasing from 28% to 55% over the same period.  Deploying virtual agents or chat bots offers greatest scope for increasing the overall share of self-service from current levels.  A survey by Personetics found that 14% of financial institutions believe chat bots are Ready for prime time’… Read more

Creating a customer curious corporate culture

Tweet A couple of years ago – during a water-cooler conversation on the requirements for success in an increasingly digital world – my then colleague Elliot Howard proposed ‘customer curiosity’.  This immediately struck me as a very powerful idea.  My discomfort with ‘customer centricity’ – outlined in my previous article – had been fermenting for a while.  And curiosity struck me as a far more useful mantra, faring better on the criteria against which customer centricity failed. Why Customer Curiosity? Curiosity can be defined unambiguously Firstly customer curiosity can be clearly and usefully defined – continually seeking to understand who… Read more