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The New Rules of strategy – part 4

Tweet Diagnose organizational susceptibility to bias… Every organization has its own culture, drug whether designedly so or not. Like the personality of an individual, culture is multi-layered. At the centre are fundamental drivers of behaviour – motivations and values. These shape the surrounding layers which encompass attitudes, beliefs, expectations and assumptions. All this is manifested in the outer layer of behaviour – decisions, communications, actions and language – and celebrated in the organizational artefacts on display for all to see, staff rituals and routines, the often told myths and legends about great deeds, and the symbols of respect accorded to… Read more

The New Rules of strategy – part 3

Tweet Forget war games, mind teach your leaders to play poker… Warfare, there football, seek chess and martial arts are popular models for business, appealing to the competitive instincts of those whose drive takes them to the top of large companies.  Sun Tzu’s The Art of War has long been a staple for teaching strategy, with war gaming particularly popular with macho executives who believe they would have made great Seals or SAS soldiers. But what makes these analogues so appealing – the simple ‘I win, you lose’ nature of two player or two side games – also limits their… Read more

The New Rules of strategy – part 2

Tweet Accept uncertainty but seek to reduce it… The other prevailing way of dealing with uncertainty is for businesses to conclude that strategy is irrelevant.  The argument being that as a business cannot know what will happen on a 3-5 year view, sale ed it should ignore that and concentrate on being operationally effective in the here and now.  This approach has a number of risks, link notably that omission bias prevails and the focus on doing things right rather than doing the right things results in becoming stuck in markets that will inevitably shrink and become increasingly price sensitive. There… Read more