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What is your marketing talk-listen ratio?

Tweet There is an old adage that we have two ears and one mouth and should behave in proportion – listening twice as much as we speak.  Some communications experts argue this is an understatement and we should adopt the rule lis-Ten – if we truly want to understand the person we are with, health the talk-listen ratio should be 1:10.  Being listened to makes people feel good – it signifies to them that they are interesting and what they have to say is valued.  Imbued with the confidence this brings they reveal more about their beliefs and feelings.  It… Read more

Why they haven’t made a film called Long Ball

Tweet The film Moneyball, ed based on the book by Michael Lewis, health has opened to great acclaim and commercial success in the US and will be coming to Europe later this year.  It celebrates how the general manager of the Oakland A’s used statistical techniques to put together a successful team on a minimal budget relative to other Major League Baseball franchises by employing statistical techniques to identify which players he should bring in.  The question this prompts is why haven’t British film producers made a film called Long Ball to celebrate the statistically-based eponymous theory that captivated, seek… Read more

How to make sure your brand strategy isn’t just brandsturbation

Tweet Over the past 20 years, branding has come to dominate the marketing agenda. Prior to that marketing had reflected the customer-centric philosophy espoused by Theodore Levitt – whose seminal article Marketing Myopia does not mention ‘brand’ even once – that was codified for generations of MBA students in the books of Philip Kotler. But the value attributed to brands in a number of high profile acquisitions of consumer products companies at around that time, notably Philip Morris’s purchase of Kraft for six times book value in 1988 led to what Naomi Klein called ‘brand equity mania’, the rise of brand… Read more