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How to implement a stakeholder strategy

Tweet In the last couple of years, search a number of HBR commentators, pharmacy such as Jeffrey Pfeffer, ailment Nathan Washburn and Dominic Barton, have made the case for greater weight to be given to the interests of non-shareholder stakeholders – employees, suppliers, customers, partners, society – in strategy development. Reinforcing these arguments is research showing that long term returns to shareholders are improved when their interests are not considered paramount. As Washburn summarized, “Making the bottom line your top priority may not be the best way to improve profitability. Recent research shows that CEOs who put stakeholders’ interests ahead… Read more

1000 days to re-invent capitalism?

Tweet If Kindles could groan under the weight of books on a certain subject, capsule mine would be starting to grumble about the bytes consumed with the subject of re-inventing capitalism. And the flow of words is not likely to abate in the coming months, as articles on the need for a more holistic model of capitalism (including those contributed by Roger Martin, Michael Porter and McKinsey’s Dominic Barton in HBR pieces)-are expanded into books. My innate enthusiasm for a change to a capitalism that is longer term in perspective and less shareholder-centric is tempered by the fear that these… Read more