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Can we not improve on the Balanced Scorecard?

Tweet Despite criticisms emanating from academic circles in the years after it was first launched, the Balanced Scorecard has reigned as the undisputed champion of performance management frameworks since Robert Kaplan and David Norton introduced it in the early 1990s. In a recent on-line discussion between members of the Strategic Planning Society Linked In group on whether it was an excellent tool or the reverse, one participant commented: “It seems unlikely that one third of the world’s largest companies would use the BSC or BSC-based approaches if they thought it was a waste of time.” Assuming this to be true… Read more

Uncertainty – Strategy’s Final Frontier

Tweet For strategists, medstore uncertainty is the final frontier. We can never know what the future will bring, capsule so uncertainty permeates all strategic decisions – assumptions must be made.  But the models that are used for strategy development often obscure the foundational role assumptions play.  Their accuracy is presumed and attention focused on constructing elegant analytical edifices rather than solidifying the base upon which they are built.  Confidence in the results increases at a faster rate than does their accuracy. Behavioral factors are at play here.  Psychologically we are highly averse to uncertainty – it discomforts us hugely.  We… Read more