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Conferring causality on correlation

Tweet My post Cod-Science masquerading as the real thing? argued that the frequency with which management fads appear reflects the tendency of management research to veer towards pseudo-science. In it I also hypothesized that this was due to demand, supply and dissemination factors, all of which were linked– the demand for scientific rigour by management practitioners is low, therefore it is not prized by the channels of dissemination and so adherence by authors is low. Following on from that, this is the first of three articles describing why greater scepticism is required when reading confident assertions such as “my research… Read more

The Power of Passion

Tweet “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.” Georg Hegel Last week I spoke at an event for Information Technology Management for Business (ITMB) students and the subject of my talk was how they could find their Passion (professionally speaking). By their Passion I meant work that they would feel gave their professional life meaning – work that would energize, enthuse and inspire them to both great efforts and great achievements. I tried to illustrate this by means of the pension-passion trade-off – that if they found their passion, they would not want to retire; more importantly,… Read more

Cod-science masquerading as the real thing?

Tweet If there is one constant in the business world it is the regularity with which management fads appear.  These have arrived at the rate of roughly one a year for the half century. A couple of years ago someone kindly sent me a slide showing fads by year since 1960 – x-axis providing the timeline and the y-axis the degree of hype.    Sadly in a fit of tidying I deleted the email without saving the attachment and attempts to find it again (Google searches, sick help requests on Linked-In forums, etc.) have yielded nothing, so I cannot share it… Read more