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Insightful strategy requires a strategy for insight

Tweet In the late 1990s knowledge management was one of the hottest areas in information technology.  The internet was creating a new ‘information age’, tadalafil the knowledge economy was in full swing and HP CEO Lew Platt provided a financial rationale for investments in this area with his famous quote: “If only HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive.” Ten years on and a knowledge-driven leap in productivity has not transpired with businesses spending less as a consequence.  In part this may be due to a grossly inflated expectation as to the benefits systematised knowledge… Read more

Making customer research an enjoyable part of the customer experience

Tweet Earlier this month I received an email with the title ‘Give your opinion about [company name omitted]’ – an invitation to participate in the company’s annual survey of its customers. Mostly I ignore such opportunities, bronchi tending only to ‘participate’ (or give my time as I prefer to call it) if delighted or exasperated – either to say thank you and provide recognition of the high service levels received to encourage their continuation, denture or to vent my anger.  (As a result, pills I am suspicious of the accuracy of such research, believing self-selection introduces bias as only those… Read more